• An International & Local
    Convergence Church
    We are an International Church, led by Bishops who
    are led by the Holy Spirit. This is the source of
    the name "Charismatic Episcopal Church"
    a church led by charismatic Bishops
    who follow the Holy Spirit.
  • The Word of God Speaks
    Yesterday & Today
    We believe in the Word of God spoken through the
    Holy Bible. We believe in the Holy Spirit who
    speak to us today we believe in the
    Gifts of the Holy Spirit present in our lives.

  • Worship that is
    Joyful & Relevant
    We are a Worship Movement, called to worship God
    in the fullness of the three streams and under the
    authority of charismatic Bishops who hear
    the Holy Spirit for the church.
  • What You do for the least of them
    You Do for Me
    We provide for those in need by meeting the their
    immediate and longer term needs, through
    immediate response and long term change.
We are a growing Communion with churches all over the world

We are diverse in culture, language, race, we are in unity in worship, sacraments, and our high value for the Sanctity of Life

We are Charismatic

A Church fully Charismatic: We are a church open to the continued working of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

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We are Evangelical

A Church fully Evangelical: We are a church holding to a high view of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments,

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We are Sacramental/Liturgical

A Church fully Sacramental/Liturgical:  At the center of worship is the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist in which is the real presence of Christ.

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