How to Pray

The purpose of prayer is to establish a relationship with God.

How to Pray

The purpose of prayer is to establish a relationship with God.  There are many formats of prayer, but that have a few common things. 

1) Acknowledge who God is (Saying hello) 

2) Confession:  We have not live up to God’s hope for us (and often our hope for ourselves)

3)  Thanks for what we do have (even it is a little)

4) Ask God to help us.

Prayer is not Denominational:  No matter what your background, this is an excellent place to start.   We use the Book of Common Prayer as our source.   This is a reliable place to begin.

How long will it take?  Daily Prayer takes between 15-20 minutes.

Where do I Start?  Try to Pray the first thing in the morning, in a place with a minimum of distractions, and before you check email, look at texts, etc., but after a cup of coffee.  

How is it organized?  The daily Prayer rotates the prayers through the seasons of the church (Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc.).  Each day has readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and the Gospels.  

Why should I read Prayers, instead of just talking to God?  The prayers in the Psalms and Daily Prayer are written by serious, trustworthy men and women of God, whose lives are a testimony.  These deep and well develop prayers are from a lifetime of Prayer.  When we Prayer these prayers, they ‘stretch us.’ They pull us into a deeper understanding of God’s Kingship, Love for us.  Pray shapes us, best to be shaped by the best and tested.  We grow by learning from others who have gone before us.

As you pray, you can rest in knwoing that ten of thousnda of men and womena re reading the same words you are.  You join a sympathy of prayer. 

How does this work?  Start with the links above.  Simple guidelines are included in the light grey text.  Many sections give you choices “or this,” and you can choose between the options.  You can pray to yourself or out loud, and you feel comfortable.   After this bible reading, pause for a moment, and see if there is something in that reading that seems to resonate with you.   You can read all the bible readings or any two(people who pray a night, often split the readings).  

 At the Section “A Time for Personal Prayers,” stop for a moment, and ask for Prayer for others and yourself.  This is a great time to still your heart and begin to learn God’s Still Quiet voice.  1 King 19: 12.  Try to keep something nearby to write anything down, you hear, or feel.  

What the difference between the links?  Daily Prayer is a traditional format of the Book of Common Prayer, while the individual Prayer is the same readings and prayers, but it substitutes the “we” with “I,” which many people feel more comfortable.

Always remember:  You are praying, you can’t really do it wrong, and you are reading “How to Pray”, you are already more then half way done.  You did something, you pressed in, well done.


Shortcuts: You can make a shortcut to these prayers on your phone by adding them to your home screen. They will display an Android or Apply icon. The web page will update automatically to the correct day.

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How to Pray

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