Upgraded Daily Prayer


The Upgraded Daily Prayer webpage has been Upgraded recently to help make the experiences better and to make it easier to use for those just learning to prayer the daily Office. Take a look.

daily prayer

Green Buttons have been added so that each person can customize the daily prayer to choose between the options that Book of Common prayer allows such as 1)Introduction to Confession 2)Form of the Lords Prayer 3) Suffrages A or B etc.

The method to choose between the Bible version New King James (NKJ) and New International Version (NIV) has been made into a button that allows you to switch between them.

The “Reader View” options has been enhanced to make it easier to read, change font size etc. Reader view allows you to “view web pages without all that clutter and you can even change the font, font size, and page color to better suit your reading habits and vision. Here’s how to use Reader View in Safari on iPhone and iPad. On Safari click on the four lines (Blue Arrow)

Upgraded Daily Prayer 1

Worship Music. A button (Red Arrow) has been added that will play license instrumental “O praise the Name (Instrumental), by Hillsong, this button turns the music on or off as required.

If you would like to have the Daily Prayer read allowed, it can now do that. Click for the iPhone setting you will need. Click Here

You can also make iPhone or Android save an Icon to your home screen screen, like below, so you can access daily prayer with one click.

To do this, click on the Box with up-arrow, its is called the “Share Button” on the next screen click “Add to Home Screen”

Upgraded Daily Prayer 2
Click on the Share icon with Daily Prayer loaded
Upgraded Daily Prayer 3
Your Daily Prayer with one click
Upgraded Daily Prayer 4
Then Click Add to Home Screen

This will add a Daily Prayer icon to your phone Home Screen, and allow simple access daily. Click Here to Check it Out