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Jeanne Bifulco and Shari Lopez received a certificate from the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor.


On September 29th, Archbishop Bates awarded graduation certificates to three Church of the Intercessor School of Ministry students.

Jeanne Bifulco and Shari Lopez (pictured) received a certificate from the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor.

School of Ministry
School of Ministry in Session

Kathleen Whalen received a certificate from The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI).  This certificate qualifies Kathleen to receive some college credits at participating Christian Universities.

Both certificates required the successful completion of 9 TUMI modules and a prerequisite.  The entire course took a little over three years to complete. The Cathedral now has 16 graduates from their School of Ministry.

The school started with requirements agreed upon by TUMI and the Intercessor for the certificate awarded by them. Then we tailored those requirements slightly to allow others to participate in this remarkable material available to us through TUMI.  The Cathedral Church of the Intercessor awards this certificate.

This Fall, we added a course requirement for all those in leadership here at the Cathedral, which comprises three modules from the TUMI Capstone program.  We presently have 26 students participating in one of these three tracks.  It is also the first time we offer a hybrid classroom setting (in house and via Zoom simultaneously), with surprisingly, I do mean surprisingly good success.

The results have been both spiritually rewarding for everyone participating and a real blessing to the ministries the students and graduates are affiliated with.

If you have any questions or need help starting your School of Ministry, and I know that this is the heart of the Patriarch, feel free to contact me, use the form below. Fr Jim Connolly         

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