Patriarch’s Council

International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

Patriarch’s Council (International)

The Patriarch’s Council meets once a year and all Primates, ArchBishops, Founders, and Separate Diocese attend.  Each Bishop does not represent a region, but instead, is called to hear God for the International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church.

The CEC is overseen by Charismatic Bishops (Hence the name Charismatic Episcopal Church).  These Bishops meet to hear God through consensus.

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We Believe Consensus is

The objective of consensus government is to hear the voice of the Lord for the church (whether the local church or the international church).  The church is governed at all levels by leaders who choose men to serve on their councils.

The councils shall operate according to the rules of consensus government.


An order of government that is based upon covenant relationships, a yielding of each leader’s will to the Spirit of God, an open and honest submission to the one set apart by God as the leader among leaders, and a faithfulness to each leader that is noted by a fervent desire to “lay down one’s life.” It is unity of wills submitted to the will of God.


The biblical model of hearing from God for his church.


Hearing the voice of God for the government of the church and to help each man hear the voice of God for his life and ministry

The next meeting is 16,17,18 June 2020, Malverne, NY

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