Vestments and Liturgical Wares for Africa – Thank You!

Bishop Gogo presented his Clergy with some of the vestments donated by North American Churches and Clergy

The Most Reverend Bishop Gogo sends his thanks for all those who donated Vestments and Liturgical Wares this last year.  At the Patriarch’s Council in Feb 2015, those donations were presented to each General Secretary, those items are now in Uganda, Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Many churches are in desperate need of the most basic items to conduct mass, such as Bibles, Prayer Books, chalices and patons, albs, stoles, cassocks and surplices If you have items you would like to collect and send to the African Churches.

Please mail them to:
ICCEC Development, Attn: Vestments and Liturgical Wares, 50 Saint Thomas Place, Malverne, NY 11565-1635  Click on the Vestments Tabs