Update from Saint Paul’s NV

Saint Paul

HENDERSON, NV: Update on Saint Paula Nevada:  We have been in our new church for a little over a year. Our eyes have been opened to see what God had in store for us with this move. That is to raise up His children.  As you know we are next to a very poor section 8 apartment community. We have been Saint Paul 3ministering to the children next door from day 1. Before our move we didn’t have a youth group. Well, I am happy to report that we now have a youth group. We meet every Wednesday night and average 50 children a night. We feed their hungry bodies and souls. We give them peace and safety outside of the walls they live in full of violence and drugs.Saint Paul 2

We have recently partnered with the Henderson Police Department to help show the kids their is a world outside of the little community they live in. We also want them to trust and respect the police.  Almost every Wednesday you will see officers at youth group just hanging out and visiting with the kids. The overnight squad has practically adopted all of the children. The first night officers stopped by, one of our children looked at one of them and said, “you kicked down my door and took my dad to away”.  I don’t think myself or that officer will ever forget that. But that is what it is all about. Restoring that trust, being a friend a mentor.

On April 27th, we had “Prayers, Police and Pizza” with 69 children attending. The department is sponsoring youth group and bringing pizza and desserts. They taught the kids and played games. The SWAT team and K-9 officers are came. Most important, they are came just to get to know the children. Know them by name.


Fr. Chris Moran