The Feast of our Lord and the Giver of Life

International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

The Feast of our Lord and the Giver of Life


Ever day around the world 150,000 babies are killed by abortion. Over 54 million children a year. Since 1973, and there were abortions done before that date in Russia, China, and parts of Europe, that number jumps to over 2 billion children. Of all the senseless and horrific violence of man against man nothing can be more horrific than the killing of children.

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We can and should be concerned about the genocide against Christians in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. We must condemn the insane violence by lone killers on a rampage. We must seek peace in areas of conflict and civil war and call for an end to corruption that fuels poverty and despair. We must be a voice to end the sex trade industry and slavery. We must speak on behalf of single mothers and fatherless children who are the poorest of the poor. To be Pro Life is to be far more than anti abortion.

Yet, at the same time, we cannot allow these other needs to stop us from being a Church that stands for the life of the unborn child. We must continue to minister to women who have fallen victim to the lies of the abortion industry. We must be ready to show compassion to those who see a way to get out of the abortion industry and seek freedom in Christ.

On January 17, 2016, Canon Law and the Consensus of our Bishops, requires us to take up an offering for CEC for Life. This offering supports the work of our office to do what we can with limited resources to raise up a generation that is Pro Life and to be a voice with in the Pro Life Community. But more importantly God has told us to take up this offering as an act of obedience to Him and as a sign of worship to the Lord and Giver of Life.

I know each of us will be generous on that day. I know each of us carries the burden of the innocent children. I know each of us has a heart for life. Please join me and be a cheerful giver for life.
Under His mercy,
Craig W. Bates, Patriarch

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