Tanzania starts first CEC Residential Seminary in Africa

These are the teachers who have volunteered to teach at the TUMI College Mwanza Tanzania with the Bishop and chairman of board.

MWANZA, TANZANIA — Fr  Samuel Mazuri, the Dean of the Seminary writes

On August the 3rd we officially launched the program, and August saw the first day of our training, we started with 10 students, we hope we shall be able to get some more students in our next intake.

Our semester’s length is three months each which makes up three semesters a year. We met from Monday to Friday for three sessions a day, from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. We have selected the subjects for a year for a certificate program. Currently we teach them 4 subjects which is English and three modules one after the other.   We have included the English subject because the college language is English and most people in Tanzania do not speak English and we felt that it is an opportunity to help God’s servants learn English which may help them read as many English written Books as possible but also will help them attend International gatherings where English is usually spoken. Therefore, the most of the time we teach them English for this first semester, then, for the next two semesters of six months they will take the certificate subjects and be ready for the diploma year.

This is the house which is used for hostel for the students.
This is the house which is used for hostel for the students.

As you would know the TUMI headquarter helps somebody or a church at the time or process of launching it but it encourages the centre and the host institution to find ways to run it and meet its day-to-day needs. With that in mind soon when we were about to start/launch the college our Board under the chairmanship of Bishop Charles Sekelwa met and deliberated on how we can run this college eg, how do we get qualified Teachers, Buildings to accommodate the college and many other facilities related to the college, TUMI people provide only Books, a laptop and instructions on how to launch the college but the rest of the things should be handled and tacked by the Board in collaboration with the management of the college, we thank God that we were able to get qualified people who volunteered to teach for free though we committed to help give them fare every time they attend their respective sessions, but also Bishop Charles and his Diocese were of great help under his Leadership the Diocese offered to give:
Two big facilities (Buildings) which were basically built for Medical clinic and a school, the medical clinic facility is now used as a Hostel for our lodger students and that which was meant for a school is used for class rooms and part of it as an office but also he gave the college Chairs and two tables from his cathedral, our students also pay some amount of fee to help some necessary needs at the college, some different local stakeholders especially from different churches have also contributed some money which amounted to 1,300,000/=shillings for this course, out of this money we were able to do the following:

1. Making some repairs on the buildings given to us by the Bishop
2. Buying some Mattresses for Boarder students
3. Buying some vessels like utensils for cooking
4. Making blackboards in class rooms
5. Making some shelves and buying stationeries
6. Buying some Mosquitoes goose wire for windows
7. Buying some padlocks for doors

Together with these we still have some very urgent needs to help us move on smoothly, we lack theological and biblical books and various dictionaries for the college. We need chairs and tables, and we hope to get power and someday a kitchen.

So your grace, with all these challenges we are facing but the college has started and we thank God so much our students are so much excited and so many others have shown great interest to join our college in the near future.  One of the TUMI goals is to educate the people with the call to serve God but do not have enough financial ability to get to colleges with high cost, I believe that if this college can be supported in any way it will turn up to be a big college and a centre of training for all our Dioceses in Africa and many untrained clergy from wherever in Africa can come here and get trained at a very low cost, the start may look small and challenging but we believe that history will tell in the future.

God bless
Fr. Samuel Mazuri