Tanzania, First CEC Residential Seminary


MWANZA, TANZANIA: A message from Bishop Charles Sekelwa:  Greetings from Mwanza!  Last Friday six students among the ten who were enrolled to take a  course  from our Seminary” TUMI CEC THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY MWANZA” graduated, it was a big day in our Diocese and in Tanzania.  This is the beginning of great things ahead, amongst the invited  guests at the event were Bishops and  Priests from the CEC and other churches, social and political Leaders from the community surrounding the seminary were also present; and, of course, two of our  choirs graced the occasion.  It was marvelous!

The Lord reminded me that we should not despise the day of small things.  It is my prayer that this small seed that has finally produced the first fruits will, in the future, become a blessing…not only for the CEC church in Tanzania, but also our church in Africa. I believe heaven and history has recorded that, at last, the CEC CHURCH in Africa has a Seminary where priests and others who feel called to serve can be trained.  I believe the church growth we experience in Africa should be matched with intensive training to those called to serve in a Holy order, otherwise we will be building a fragile church.

It has been my long time desire and dream that one day we will be able to have a Seminary in Tanzania or Africa somewhere, but this dream didn’t come to pass until the day when the Patriarch introduced to us the TUMI institution, of which we joined hands with them to make this dream a reality.

Once again, I take this moment on behalf of the CEC church in Tanzania to thank everyone who has made this dream possible.  In particular, I thank The International  TUMI Director, who allowed us to use their materials and assisted us with some equipment, like a Laptop computer and books.  I also thank the Patriarch for taking the initiative to see that TUMI is being introduced to us in Africa.  And, finally, I thank my council for making a decision to offer the Land and the facilities that have accommodated the Seminary at its inception.  We thank God for development projects which were  introduced by the Patriarch for the church of Africa because some profits made from the projects were used to renovate the facilities.

In September, we are having our second intake and have already started the enrollment of  students who will start the next  course, but also the room is open for those who have graduated with a certificate and want to proceed on with a Diploma/Degree  course.

Together we are able and strong and nothing can deter us from moving forward in every endeavor that we can embark on.  The great challenge before us now is to build one facility that will be three in one; part of it will be used as a kitchen, the other part will be used as a dining hall, and since we don’t have a chapel yet, the same place will be used for prayers; especially when the students meet for fellowship/discussions/meetings etc. We covet your prayers that this plan will also be realized.tan101

God bless,

+ Sekelwa

NB: Here is a photo of the graduation. Bishop Charles is seen standing and posing with the graduates behind the Hostel but also with him in either sides were our Archdeacon  Canon Joel Ngw’ananogu and Bishop Eliab Sentozi from Gilgal Church a good friend of our church the other guys with gowns are our Lecturers at TUMI Seminary