South Sudan Update

International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

South Sudan Update


Recently Bishop Tom Nak Kokanyi, wrote to the Patriarch and others thanking them for their support.

Dear Patrirach, Archbishop Jones, and others,

When I visited the camps from 6 to 8th September 2016, I took these photos to help you see the misery of the South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

I thank Uganda for the OPEN HANDS to welcome the huge refugee into Uganda and gave land.

The needs are many and more people are still coming in.

I have not located Bishop Eliasiba Woja Bute. I have been informed that the sick Priest Rev Fr Cornelius Yuma, his wife and two sons are taken to Congo using the funds I sent. But there is arrangement to bring him to the camps in Arua Uganda so that a Medical option may be sought out for him to walk again God willing.Put Rev Yuma into prayers.


Bishop Tom Nak Kokanyi

South Sudan 2016

More photo sent by Bishop Tom