South Sudan Update


Recently Bishop Tom Nak Kokanyi, wrote to the Patriarch and others thanking them for their support.

Dear Patrirach, Archbishop Jones, and others,

When I visited the camps from 6 to 8th September 2016, I took these photos to help you see the misery of the South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

I thank Uganda for the OPEN HANDS to welcome the huge refugee into Uganda and gave land.

The needs are many and more people are still coming in.

I have not located Bishop Eliasiba Woja Bute. I have been informed that the sick Priest Rev Fr Cornelius Yuma, his wife and two sons are taken to Congo using the funds I sent. But there is arrangement to bring him to the camps in Arua Uganda so that a Medical option may be sought out for him to walk again God willing.Put Rev Yuma into prayers.


Bishop Tom Nak Kokanyi

South Sudan 2016

More photo sent by Bishop Tom