Primate’s Council to Meet in September

International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church

Primate’s Council to Meet in September


The Primate’s Council will meet this September at the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor.  Some of the Agenda items are:

Updates on Ecumenical Relations
National Canon’s Update
Review of the July 2016 Clergy Convocation
Updated Policy Letters

Reports for:

  • CEC for Life
  • Each Diocese
  • Foundation Day
  • ICCEC Feast Day Calendar
  • By-Laws
  • 2017 Diocese, Cathedral and CEC-NA budgets

Great effort has been made to reduce the amount of ‘business’ that must be conducted. The new CEC Database allows each Bishop to see the status of their diocese, and the CEC in North America at a glance.  This allows the Bishops to spend more time in Worship, Prayer, seeking God’s Word and Fellowship.

Please keep the Bishop in your prayers for safe travels.

Look for a report of the Primates Council on ICCEC News in Early October.