Primate’s Council Report


The Primate’s Council has just completed it second meeting of the year.  This year, the Bishops met in New York at the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor.  In attendance where

  • Abp Craig Bates
  • Abp Chuck Joneshoba2016
  • Bp Kessler
  • Bp Davidson
  • Bp Simpson
  • Bp Lilly
  • Bp Ortiz
  • Fr House

The Primate’s Council (aka the House of Bishops) continues to work to do less ‘business’ and spend more time of discussion, hearing God, fellowship, prayer and worship.  This council meeting is the first where no statistics are reported (attendance, offering, etc..) because they are available in real time on the CEC-NA database.

2016 has been a year of encouragement with expansion and growth.  The word spoken was that we are called to be the Light and Salt to the world.   It was proposed that the July 2018 North American Convocation be held in Henderson, Nevada.  This convocation will be open to all clergy and laity in North America.

Each day open with a Eucharist service, followed by time together.   Below is a report of the meeting.  the formal report is available by click this link.  Click Here for Council Summary

The House of Bishops looks forward to meeting again in March 2017.