Prayer Request: War in Southern Sudan


Please keep Bishop Tom and his people is prayer. He recently wrote

Dear Patriarch, the Most Rev Craig Bates,

I’m asking for prayers.

The Kindi Diocese work is brought to halt in South Sudan by the fleeing of the people to exile in Uganda and DR Congo.There are few people left some men.

The war has affected the sick, the old, the children, and women. They ran without food.  Diseases like Malaria, cholera are taking their toll.  Ihave one of our priests is paralyzed from the waist. His legs are weak. He is to be carried all the time for body calls.

We had developed, we constructed the Cathedral wall remaining the roof, we built the Guest House, a library for South Sudan Evangelical School of Theology, we had computer center within the Guest House and Mission center, we have 50 Mattresses,we have solar that give light to the center,we have a Secondary school a Kindergarten, a Primary school, a vocational school and large farm.  All this came from the $5000 All Saints Missions Offering , it has done a lot of things. In these have come to an end.

You pray for the Christians in camps in Uganda. I will begin to visit them when they settle.  There are over 200,000 refugees in 9000 settlements. This means to look for them which camps they may be.

Pray for the sick priest left behind with his wife and two sons.  I can not help because I am short of resources to get him out. You pray that his children are not forced into forced recruitment into forces.
Bishop Tom Nak Kokanyi

Southern Sudan

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