Patriarch’s Council 2016

Consecrating the Holy Oils for Healing.

The Patriarch’s Council meets this week (25,26,27 Jan 2016) to discuss the current state of the international church and each local church. The meeting starts with morning Eucharist and prayer.  Issues to be discussed are the Canons, Catechism, Holy Days to be celebrated.  The photo above, shows the Council Members consecrating the Holy Oils for Healing.

Council Attendees

Abp Craig Bates                       Abp Paulo Garcia                     Abp Chuck Jones
Bp Douglas Kessler                Bishop Ariel Santos                 Bishop Ricardo Alcaraz
Bp Elmer Belmonte               Bp Michael Davidson              Bp Yuhanna Prakash


Bp Andre Novies                       Bp Eugene Lilly
Fr Gensemer                              Fr Ivan Rocha