New Book for Fr Rob Carl


How does one go from prison to priest? From evangelical Jesus Freak to liturgical/sacramental Christian? Do the obstacles in one’s life assist the journey or prevent the plans and purposes of the Lord? How can one who is a Bible-believing Christian reconcile the idea of becoming a catholic Episcopal charismatic? These are questions that are answered in this wonderful book: “Pebbles of the Holy Stream.”
It starts out with a wayward pot smoking hippy caught up in the philosophy of the peace and love of the 60’s, searching for the Utopian life promoted by The Beatles and the counter culture, and disillusionment by society and broken political promises…and it ends up embracing the ancient and eternal church.

There is a way out of the rut of failure and disappointment. Salvation is just a prayer away. The power of the Holy Spirit is simply received through desire and humility.  And the understanding of the ultimate by which the gates hell cannot prevail can be entered if protestation can be relinquished and the Church fathers embraced.

Fr. Rob Carl has written a tool to help present the Charismatic Episcopal Church to the lost, the lonely, and the spiritually hungry. It is an entertaining reading that will have you laughing and crying. It is a page turner that you’ll have difficulty putting down, one you will be happy to give to introduce your family and friends to the Lord and the CEC.

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Fr. Robert Carl PhD, M.Min, B.Min, SMA