Lubwisi Bible translation in Bundibugyo

Bishop Hannington and others carrying the new Bible Translation.

These photos are the launching and distribution of the Lubwisi* Bibles on 29/07/2016 in Bundibugyo at Christ School. The Bible has been translated into local language Lubwisi.  The local people (The Babwisi) were overjoyed because they can now read the bible in their own local language.  As you can see, they welcomed the Bible with great joy and the need for God’s Word in the area is still high.

bible1bible2 bible4

*The Babwisi people speak the Lubwisi language. The Babwisi reside primarily in the Bundibugyo district in Western Uganda, where the number of mother-tongue speakers is approximately 99,000 people. The language is also spoken by about 31,000 more people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it is called Kitalinga.


Special Thanks to Rev. Timothy Bandirana for these photos.