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Rice Harvest In Tanzania

In Tanzania,  the rice farm continues to grow and provide a sizable profit.

DIOCESE OF LAKE VICTORIA-DEVELOPMENT PROJECT:  We leased some land (3 acres) and we farmed half of it, and our projection was to get 60-80 bags; but the end result has given us 63 bags and we thank God for this.  I am sending you some photos showing step by step, from the farming process, harvest process and storing process.  This time is low season we intend to sell the crops in October for a high price.   Details will follow then.

The Diocese of Dodoma decided to continue with FEEDLOT PROJECT.  We distributed money to Dodomain in February 2016.  They bought 11 cows and they hope to sell them in the end of August (details will follow then), but I am sending you this photo of Bishop Jackson in a track suit watching the animals grazing


Having consulted in our House of Bishops, we decided to continue with our practice.  We received about 9,524,130/= TZS from New York.  We agreed to divide the funds between our dioceses so that in Dodoma they will re invest the  4,762,065/= on the FEEDLOT project and we agreed that at the end of October or beginning of November we will meet and figure out what profit we have made with the money and what to do then with the profit made.

20160627_075453In my Diocese we have decided to invest the funds on CROPS BUSINESS, the price is low and harvest season is now in Mwanza.  The price of crops is very low, so we have decided to buy 90 bags for 4,500,000/= average of 50,000/= per bag.  In total, we have 153 bags of rice ( we have added those bags from our harvest)

In high season our  projection is that we will be able to sell each bag  at around 75,000-85,000/= TZS we believe we will be able to make a good profit, detailed report will follow after the sale.

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