Intercessor community groups

Intercessor CommUnity Groups

September is Intercessor Community Groups Sign up at the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor.

Intercessor Church promotes increased participation in the Community Group twice a year. First during spring and then again in fall. The photos are of the Community Groups team setting up some snacks and coffee after each service, with community group leaders speaking to each person about community groups and encouraging them to sign up, either in person, online, through the App, or in the lobby Kiosks.

Intercessor community groups 1

Intercessor Community Groups meet together in someone’s home during a message series. The groups follow a simple format: Connect – Pray – Serve – Give and Share. The community groups discuss the previous weekend’s message with the sermon notes the community group stream sends out each Monday. The team also shares a sermon video clip (5-7 minutes) that the community group can watch together and discuss.

The Cathedral Church of the Intercessor believes Community Groups (Small Groups) are where a large church gets small. Groups of 6-12 people meet to discuss faith, go deeper in the weekly message, and support one another in their relationship with Christ. This is the place to care for others and be cared for, a place to impact the community and the world. Community groups gather to deepen their relationships with God, and one another and then go and serve those around them in practical and realistic ways.

Intercessor community groups 2

Community Groups are also asked to impact their local community by finding ways how to serve their communities: e.g., helping a neighbor in need or a family someone in the group may know has a need; serving or helping at a local Food Pantry; even having prayer walks within the communities-the Lord will reveal ways how they can serve.

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