Forging our Future, Clergy Convocation 2016

Forging 3

We will Forge our Future for a future generation that will win the culture with the Gospel.

The 2016 Clergy Convocation in New York at the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor, we will spent time in fellowship, prayer, encouragement and healing to prepare ourselves for the exciting future.  That we will Forging the Future, for a future generation, and we will win this culture with the Gospel.

Here are the words to mediate and pray on as we prepare to worship together in New York.

  • Isaiah 43.1-13, 16-21 (Convergence and the call to the community)
  • Matthew 21.12-17 and Isaiah 56.7 (The centrality of prayer to healing and spiritual warfare)
  • Psalm 78.5-8 (The call to be a generation Church building strong men and women to build strong families to build a strong church to change the culture)
  • Matt 16:18 “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH”
  • Acts 2:42: Expect Renewal. It’s returning back to the Apostolic church

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