Diocese of Lake Victoria

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TANZANIA:   Bishop Charles Sekelwa recently wrote “Two weeks ago we had a wonderful,successful and spirit building time as a team from Alabama joined hands with our crew in our Diocese  to lift up the name of Jesus in several different ways,our people were so much encouraged much as   the community surrounding us,Fr. Mark Finley Priest of Fair field Alabama led a team of 6 people as they delivered powerful teachings on ” The personal Holiness,The fullness of Christ in you and the Power of christ by his spirit,all our clergy and their wives attended a three days conference together with the church workers and Leaders across our Diocese, after a conference a team with their interpreters ministered the word of God at the Parishes of  Kisesa and Tanzania ClergyTabaruka in these two areas we had an open air meetings many people got saved and several delivered from the oppression of the Devil,we celebrated the Holy communion one Sunday 17th April  at the Cathedral church of ” Hill of glory” in a company of Bishops Jackson from Dodoma and Jacques from DRC it was so glorious, before the mission was over our priests from two Parishes which are located close to each other asked me to confirm the Saints it was on Thursday the 21st I confirmed 61 people to God all the glory,I would like to take this moment to thank our Patriarch for His blessings and for  releasing the team to come to us  and for Abp Jones ‘ mentoring of the team in fact  we didn’t miss his presence because his presence  was seen and  manifested in  a team in different facets as they ministered to our people so on behalf of our people I want to thank Abp Bates  and Abp Jones.

Tanzania leftTanzania 1Lastly,I am sending some photos showing our Sunday Service, Confirmation service(Left) ( Bishop standing with those confirmed),a photo Bp. Standing on the extreme left with the clergy’s wives(Right) and other photos showing the conference at the cathedral  with our priests,wives,church Leaders and our Guests.

Let us keep up the good work for our Savior,time is short our personal revival and the fullness of Christ in us will result into our churches growing  in number and for our members become more mature in the spirit but also the communities surrounding us will see the works of Jesus in our midst and turn their attention to God that is what we are experiencing in Tanzania,let this be an encouragement to all the saints in our communion.”

+ Sekelwa