Daily Office adds NIV reading option



NEW YORK, USA – The ICCEC Daily Office (morning Prayer) has recently been updated to allow you to choose between the NKJV Bible or the NIV. The web page defaults to the NJKV, you can click the blue hyperlink for the NIV.

The webpage has drawn over a 300% increase in people visiting the ICCEC web page, 25% of those who use the Daily Prayer read it in a language other than English.

Currently we have two versions of the daily office, the Traditional BCP morning prayer and a modified version for those who pray the morning office individually.

This web page has been optimized for use on Tablets and Smart Phones.

See the Traditional Morning office with all reading, Click Here

See the Individual Morning office with all readings, Click Here

You can also follow the Menu on www.ICCEC.org click on Prayer & Readings Menu