Clergy Convocation July 2016– We meet here soon

The Cathedral Church of the Intercessor
The Cathedral Church of the Intercessor during a recent sunset.

The 2016 Clergy Convocation is the time to refresh, fellowship, encourage and set the solid course for the church in an uncertain world.

We understand that New York is expensive, and there are many obstacles to attendance.  Please prayerfully consider attending this important time with the Patriarch and the USA Bishops.

The daytime events will be at the Cathedral, 50 Saint Place, Malverne, NY 11565

We have a bus that will bring you back and forth from the Mills River Inn Hotel.  The Hampton Inn is within easy walking distance.

The Schedule

  • 8am       Welcome Desk, Coffee and bagels (Welcome packet and Badges presented)
  • 9am       Morning Prayer
  • 9:30       Morning Session at the Cathedral
  • Noon     Lunch at the Cathedral
  • 1pm       Eucharist Service, Worship, Prayer
  •                Dinner on your own.
  • 7pm       Fellowship (Wed, Thurs) Open bar and snacks at the Mills River Inn (173 Sunrise Hwy, Rockville Center, NY) (Please plan to attend)


Please sign up before 5 June, after which our contracts with the local Hotels expire.

Here are the words to mediate and pray on as we prepare to worship together in New York.

  • Isaiah 43.1-13, 16-21 (Convergence and the call to the community)
  • Matthew 21.12-17 and Isaiah 56.7 (The centrality of prayer to healing and spiritual warfare)
  • Psalm 78.5-8 (The call to be a generation Church building strong men and women to build strong families to build a strong church to change the culture)
  • Matt 16:18 “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH”
  • Acts 2:42: Expect Renewal. It’s returning back to the Apostolic church

Click Here for Convocation Web Site and Details