Church of the Good Shepherd Announces New Building Program.

Church of the Good Shepherd Announces New Building Program.

Good Shepherd purchased a former funeral home on 6 acres in the Catonsville area of Baltimore. They have been renovating the large mansion and meeting in the “Carriage House” which they renovated into multi-use worship space. The parish is rapidly outgrowing this 70+ seat facility. In addition the carriage house is being used for a coffee house, youth concerts, MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) prayer meetings and healing services and will soon host RELENTLESS, a Saturday evening CEC weekly praise service.

The Rector’s Council decided “we have to expand, and we can’t wait for the renovations of the mansion.” As a result the Rector’s Council unveiled plans for a new 150 seat addition to the carriage house. This addition will allow for dedicated worship space and will free up the carriage house for youth outreach ministry.GS-CEC

Good Shepherd is preparing to complete the plans and obtain the permits soon and then we will move forward with construction. Once we are ready to build we will be holding an old fashioned “barn raising.” If you or your youth group would like to be involved in this exciting event please contact Fr. Martin Eppard. Any youth group working on the new church could also be involved in service ministry at our inner-city mission, Christ the Redeemer, as a short-term summer mission.

This is an exciting time for Good Shepherd. The congregation is thrilled to see the Holy Spirit moving and can’t wait to see what the Lord will do in 2015. If you are interested in participating, please contact Fr. Eppard at “[email protected]