Certificate Program


The Certificate Program has been re-published and is available online www.iccec.org/resources.  This program is used worldwide to introduce the unique identity of the Charismatic Episcopal Church.  It can be used in any situation where a deeper knowledge of the roots of the CEC are desired. The major sections are:

  1. How is the Kingdom of God made visible by having a Purpose, Vision, Mission and Philosophy of Ministry?
  2. How do Signs and Symbols make Visible the Kingdom of God?
  3. How does the Government of God make Visible the Kingdom of God?
  4. How does the Word of God make Visible the Kingdom of God?
  5. How does Sound Doctrine make Visible the Kingdom of God?
Kigali, Rwanda

The Certificate Program was designed to communicate who we are and what we believe. It has been taught around the world for many years and is in the final stages of its latest revision under Bishop Davidson, Program Coordinator, and Bishop Doug Kessler, Academic Dean of St. Michael’s Seminary. The Patriarch wrote, “Presently our intent is to train trainers so that the message of convergence will spread more rapidly and others will hear of the glorious work the Lord has done among us.”