Bishop Charles, Local Mission Trip

MWANZA, TANZANIA: Serving God in Africa sometime is very fun and interesting and those who are called to serve God in this continent do enjoy the company of the Master whenever they hit the rock and the hard place along the way.

tan103Before graduation. I was in the village visiting some of our churches and at the same time planting new churches, and several interesting things happened in our mission.  We had a flat tire in the middle of the tan104bush.  Having fixed it, we finally arrived at our destination and found a thatched house which we thought could serve as our first church.

This village did not have a single church; but also, interestingly enough, the children were more friendly to us than the adults.  We had a lot of fun with them, eating together and telling them stories about Jesus before the end of our mission.

tan105To our surprise, several adults who were not friendly at first started to come close and opened their hearts for the gospel of Christ.  All this  success was attributed to the children who received us first and then had an opportunity to preach  the word of God to the adults.

Let us keep on doing God’s work tirelessly.

+ Sekelwa