All Saints Offering Report, from Kenya

all saint kenya
Bishop Koyo, General Secretary of Kenya, (Center) at his Warehouse

In 2015, on All Saints Day the CEC collected $21,945.07 for the All Saint Day Mssion Offering. The funds are distributed equally among the four General Secretaries (Bishops Koyo, Sekelwa, Emmanuel, and Gogo). They use 80% of the funds for development projects so they can start their own businesses and they can decide how to spend the income, while 20% is designated “Mercy,” to take care of their short term needs. Bishop Charles Sekelwa sent the below report.

The funds in the rice business is expected to raise kshs. 110,000 this year. It employs many community members who carry out the following activities:

1. Drying them on the drying floor until they obtain the acceptable moisture

2. Weighing them on the weighing machine

Bishop Koyo at the Warehouse

3. Storing them awaiting transportation to the market

4. Loading and offloading from the tracks

The lady in the middlec(in the right side photo) doing this business on our behalf is my sister, called Christine Okoth.  She is doing this work very faithfully and honestly.

May God bless you richly.

Bishop Joshua A. Koyo